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Build Lifelines for Aging

Just as you built a network during your work life to advance your career, it’s a good idea to build a network for aging.
That’s one concept that has emerged from a program, “GIANTs” (Grand Individuals Aging with Neighbours in Thunder Bay), in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The idea  is to create a list of eight people—friends, neighbors, relative, tennis buddies, handymen, and so forth—who can be your lifelines when you age.

They’re people you can rely to make you feel connected to your community, stave off loneliness, help you in a pinch, meet up for coffee, and so forth.

And you can do the same for them.

Since it often gets more difficult to find new friends and build relationships as people age, it’s never too early to start looking around and picking your group.

If you’re a young baby boomer, for example, now is a good time to establish and nurture those relationships so that they last for the long haul.

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